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Isn’t it strange that each of us contributes to environmental pollution in the most unimaginable ways?


Fast Fashion Companies Generate More Pollution Than International Aviation and Shipping Combined!

Now, what exactly is Fast Fashion?

As the name goes, fast fashion refers to fashion that changes with trends.

These garments are cheaply produced and priced and mainly target the younger generation of today’s world. It is so-called because it involves the designing, production, distribution, and marketing of clothing rapidly. These are produced in bulk which means that retailers can pull large quantities of greater product variety and allow consumers to get more fashion at a more affordable price.

While fast fashion is what many prefer today, it is also one of the main causes of pollution. Sounds bizarre right? Well, fast fashion could be the easier choice but the consequences could be numerous.

The average person only wears 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. Fast-changing fashion and trends lead to the unnecessary purchase of garments. Most of these clothes remain in our closet the majority of the time. From clothes that do not fit anymore, items that have gone out of fashion, or even clothes that have never been worn, consumers discard large quantities of clothes each year. In America alone, the average person throws away around 81 pounds (37kg) of clothing yearly.

To produce a pair of jeans alone takes around 2,000 gallons of water. Moreover, the water left after garment production is contaminated by toxic chemicals like textile dyes.

How do we bring a change?                                                                     

The little you do could bring a huge change. Buy only what is necessary. Invest in quality clothes rather than spending too much and buying surplus. Shop from sustainable brands. Instead of just throwing away your old clothes, donate them or put them in textile recycling bins.

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